Saturday Running and Entertainment Plans!!

This Saturday we will be running and then getting together later in the day to relax with some wine, food, etc.  First things first, however!!  Although we will still meet at 7:30, there are groups who are training for marathons who will be getting together much earlier for longer runs.  Anyone is welcome to join these groups.  They are as follows:

5am – Kelli and Shawn will meet at Martin’s at 5am for a 15 mile run.  They will be running at an 11 minute (give or take) pace.  Feel free to join them if you want to get in a long weekend run.

5:45am – Amy, Scott, and Jeff will take off at 5:45 but will be returning to Martin’s at 7:15.  If our math is correct, this should allow for a 10 mile run at a pace in the neighborhood of 9:15 per mile.  After we get back at Martin’s, we will take a water break, meet with the 7:30 group, and then those who want will take off for another 5 miles to complete a 15 mile training run.  If you would like to join for the first 10 miles, the last 5 miles, or all 15 miles we would love to have your company!!

7:30am – This is our normal meeting time and those who come can run routes that consist of 2 to 5 miles. 

Now for the fun part!!!!  Several NRC’ers are going to Arrington Vineyards tomorrow night at 5:00.  Please feel free to join us if you can.  Everyone will bring their own food/drinks, etc.  If you have never been, it is great place to get together with friends and enjoy each other’s company while wearing something other than running gear 🙂   And by the way, kids are welcome to come so bring the entire family!!

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