August 2011 NRC’ers Of The Month – Steven Fleming and Shawn Berkau

For August, the Nolensville Running Club chose two runners who have been there from the very beginning.  They were there when NRC consisted of only a handful of runners on Wednesday nights.  They have helped us welcome in all of our new runners and we are lucky to be able to spend time with them a couple of times per week.  This month, NRC congratulates Shawn Berkau and Steven Fleming as our Members of the Month!!


Shawn is a consistent runner in both the Wednesday night and Saturday morning NRC runs.  However, even if you have spent a lot of time around Shawn, there are probably some things that you do not know about one of our favorite runners!! 

Shawn is originally from LA.  No, not Los Angeles or even Lower Antioch but Lower Alabama.  To be more exact, Fairhope, Alabama.  She has a son (Jude) who will be entering the 6th grade and a daughter (Marina) who will be a freshman in college this year.  Although most of us know her husband and refer to him as Steve, you have probably heard Shawn refer to him as “Buns.”   Personally, I will continue to call him Steve and would suggest others do the same 🙂

Shawn is a realtor for French Christian Patterson.  When she is not working, she enjoys decorating, space planning, fishing, gardening, and riding ATV’s with Steve.  And last but not least, she is always up for a good glass of vino!!

Her upcoming running plans are plentiful!!  Shawn plans on running the following races between now and the end of the year:  Lillian Run for the Mullet 5k, the Women’s Half, The Chicago full (her first one by the way), the Ragnar Relay with her NRC friends, and the Las Vegas full or half(yet TBD). 

And maybe one or two other things that you may not know about Shawn?  She is enthralled with sharks and she is the oldest of 4 girls.  In fact, growing up her family would house foster children and, at one point, they had 8 kids in their house!!

The next time you see Shawn wish her luck in all of her upcoming races and congratulate her on being the August Female Member of the Month!


Like Shawn, Steven was one of NRC’s first members.  If you have ever run with Steven (and I must admit that very few of our members can accomplish this based on the pace that he runs), you will realize very quickly that he is an all-around great guy who has a passion for our crazy sport.

If you have ever logged miles in the Bent Creek subdivision of Nolensville, you have probably passed Steven’s house.  Although he lives in Nolensville, he was born and raised in Franklin, TN and went to BGA.  After completing his undergrad at UT Knoville (majoring in Logistics), he earned his MBA from Belmont in 2001.  He is the Director of Transportation Operations for the Ingram Group in Lavergne.

Steven married Kristy in January, 1999.  Most of us have probably seen Kristy at Mama’s Java on Saturday mornings either before or after one of her favorite activities, Zumba.  Anyway, Steven and Kristy met by chance during a huge snow storm and…well….the rest is history!!

Steven and Kristy have twin 8 year old daughters – Hannah and Amelia.  Steven describes Hannah as a “spunky, fun loving girl full of energy.”  And Amelia was the inspiration behind Steven’s decision to start running 7 years ago.  Amelia was born with Spina Bifida and is profoundly deaf but she has the best, most easy-going personality of the group according to Steven.

One of the most admirable qualities about Steven is that he does his best to make sure that his running addiction does not interfere with his family time.  In fact, if you see shadowy figures running the streets of Bent Creek at 4am it is probably Steven and one of his fellow NRC’ers whom he has bribed into getting out of bed well before sunrise to get in some miles!!   Outside of running, Steven loves spending time with his family, watching football, and getting in some time at the gym for additional strength training.

Steven’s running plans for the year include the Murfreesboro Middle Half and the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon in November.  He has a passion for these two specific races as he has done the Middle Half 5 times and the Chickamauga race (either half or full) 3 times.  His goals for these two races are 1:30 for the half and 3:30 for the full.  Did I mention that Steven is one of NRC’s speediest runners!!!!

Last but not least, a few things that you may not know about Steven.  Although he graduated from UT, he is a HUGE Auburn fan.  In fact, the top sports moment of his life was attending the BCS Championship game last year in Arizona.  Steven is also learning sign language which he claims is very hard.  And maybe the oddest interesting fact about Steven is the fact that keeps one pair of every running shoe model that he has ever owned.  He clarifies that it is not every pair of shoes, just one of each model/year.  Muck to Kristy’s displeasure, he has them stacked in their spare closet.  Kristy was kind enough to send a picture to NRC of Steven’s collection (without him knowing) just so that we can get a glimpse into the mind of one of NRC’s favorite (and speediest) members.  Thanks Steven….and Kristy 🙂

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