NRC Shows Up In Force At Nolensville 5K

In a 5k race held in our own backyard, approximately 20 NRC runners showed up on Saturday morning to participate in the Change for a Chance 5k.  Congratulations to everyone who ran one of the most challenging 5k courses around!!  Several of our members went home carrying medals including overall winner Jacob Carrigan and overall female winner Deanna Zieman.  Also winning medals were Steven Fleming (3rd place overall) and Amy Klotz (1st in age group and 2nd female finisher).  It also needs to be noted that NRC speedster Ray Whitford was on track for a top 3 finish but a misleading course sign resulted in Ray running a 6k instead of a 5k.  That’s ok Ray…you still finished in the top 10 even after running an extra half mile!!  Great job again to everyone who came out this morning and proudly represented the Nolensville Running Club!!  See you Wednesday evening at 6:15.

One thought on “NRC Shows Up In Force At Nolensville 5K

  1. dkramos73

    Scott, thanks for taking the pictures at the race and for welcoming me back from the most painful run of my life. Who put all the hills on that course?


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