Saturday, August 11th Running Plans

It appears that NRC runners are going to have some pleasant tempertures in the low 60’s for long runs tomorrow morning!  Here are the plans that I know of so far:

From Mama’s Java..

5:00 am  – There is a sizable group (Lisa and Joe Singer, Jonathon Davidson, Danielle Gutting, Julie Sparrow, Angel Kennedy, Nicole L’Heureux) planning for 13-17 miles.  Paces will vary from the 9’s to 10’s

5:30 am  – Mike Brazill and Daryl will be running 16 miles at a 9 minute pace

6:00 am – Shawn Berkau and Steve Kraft will be running 10 miles at a 10:30 – 11:00 min pace.

7:30 am – Terry and Kathy will be running a distance TBD

“Be Bold. Be Fierce, Be Wild, Crazy and Gloriously Free”  Go now…and run!  Best of luck with your training miles NRC!!

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