Not only can this month’s NRCer make your head spin with her long, blonde hair and brilliant smile, she can make you surge in a low hover with her mad spin-bike skills! Yep, it is my pleasure to announce our February NRC member of the month, Kelly Dever! NRC’s resident spin instructor has been teaching spinning for over 4 years at the Maryland Farms YMCA which she admits is her “happy place” to workout, socialize and just take a break from the stresses of daily life.  As you can imagine, quiet moments are rare in the Dever home with their three boys (Jack, Lane, and Dylan-all under the age of 5) running around.

Kelly has attempted to make the transition to running before, but lucky for us – third time’s a charm.  Kelly ran track and cross-country in high
school.  In fact, she currently holds the 8th all-time girls 100 meter record and her 4×100 meter relay team also still holds a top ten all-time record for Lassiter High!  The social scene drew Kelly’s attention away and she put her running flats on a shelf until just recently.

Fast forward to 2010, when Kelly’s friends talked her into doing a sprint triathlon (400m swim/12 miles bike/5K run) just 5 months after her second child was born! She started getting back into running then, but her third child had other ideas.  Another 9 or so months later, she began
treading the mill again.  This time it was a Couch to 5K training for the Best Buddies race to benefit a cause very dear to her heart, but the course’s hills were a wake up call to hit the road.

So, Kelly made up her mind to come out to NRC this past August.  She remembers her first NRC run as challenging and admits she had to stop and walk at times to complete the 3 mile route, but this time the running fever had taken hold…5K fever that is.  Kelly went on to complete 9 5K races in 4 months!  She made the mistake of saying she’d NEVER run more than a 5K – famous last words!  You guessed it; she’s planning to do the Country Music Half in April.

When she’s not running, Kelly helps her hubby (Craig) with their restaurant, Uncle Bud’s Catfish Shack in Nolensville, which incidentally catered the NRC Holiday Extravaganza!  She also just started her own company, Rasbury Realty (her maiden name – just rolls off the
tongue, right?!) and is prepared to answer her phone 24 hours a day!

A native of Dallas, TX, Kelly spent time in Atlanta, Louisville, and West Palm Beach before settling down in Nashville, where she’s lived for the past 10 years.  But Nolensville has been her home for 4 years and they’re staying put. It was a tragedy that showed Kelly the incredible heart of her town.  When Lane was just 8 days old, their house burned to the ground due to a faulty wood stove.  A snowy winter morning made it difficult for the fire trucks to get near the home to fight the blaze.  Kelly quickly grabbed newborn Lane, evacuating in just the nick of time with just slippers on her feet.  She will never forget how amazing the community of Nolensville was to their family, giving them clothes, toys, and
funds.  It meant so much to her and Craig, and they truly feel that – There’s no place like Nolensville!!




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