Saturday Morning (10/22) Running Plans

Looking forward to having a Saturday morning run in Nolensville after being away for the last couple of weeks!!  Now that marathon training is over for some of us (yet in the final stages for a few others), the weekend runs will not be quite as long.  Here is what’s on tap for tomorrow:

7:30am – There will be a few different groups (running different mileage and paces) that will meet at Martin’s at 7:30.  Amy Klotz, Tandy Blaylock and maybe a couple of more are running 8-10 miles at a 9 minute pace.  Shawn Berkau will also be running 8 miles (pace unknown but probably 10:30 – 11:00 minute pace).  Scott Alexander and Matthew Foust will be running 3 miles at a 10 minute pace.  Please feel free to come out and join any of us or, if you want to run other distances, I will have routes for distances ranging from 2 to 5 miles. 

Thanks and hope to see a lot of you tomorrow morning!!

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