Saturday Morning (7/9) Running Plans

For those wanting to get in a Saturday morning run, NRC has several options.  The early risers will meet at 6am at Martin’s Barbecue.  This group wil be led by Amy Klotz, James Blaylock, and Mike & Megan Brazill.  Their plan is to run approximately 14 miles but it will be broken up into two segments.  The first is a 9 mile segment (beginning at 6am) that will end at Martin’s Barbecue at 7:30 or so.  Those who show up at 7:30 can then join this group for their final 5 miles if this distance works better for you.  This group will be running a 9:15 pace and they asked me to encourage anyone who wants to come out and join them for either the first nine mile segment, the second five mile segment, or better yet, for all 14 miles!!!!

Another group will begin at 7:30 at Martin’s Barbecue and will run a variety of paces.  Routes will range from 2 to 5 miles and directions for each route will be available.

Kelli and I will be out of town this weekend but we are fortunate to have runners who are more than capable of getting the group off and running in our absence!!

Thanks and Happy Running!!


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