July 2011 – Members of the Month – John Pryor and Amy Klotz

Each month, NRC will select a male and female “Member of the Month.”  The first two NRC members of the month are John Pryor and Amy Klotz.  When NRC was first formed a little over a year ago, our weekly gatherings consisted of only a few people.  However, John and Amy were two runners who could always be counted on week after week.  Now let’s get to know two of the original members of NRC!


John is a physical therapist who lives in the Bent Creek subdivision of Nolensville.  His better half, Erin Pryor, is also an excellent runner and has recently discovered why John likes hanging out with his fellow NRC’ers.  She discovered this by making John watch their kids one evening while she ran with the Nolensville Running Club.  Afterwards, she said “who knew that a bunch of runners could be so cool!”   John has since tried to convince Erin that we really aren’t as cool as we seem in an attempt to regain his spot at our weekly NRC gatherings!

John describes himself as a “military brat” who has moved many times but is now happy to call Nolensville home.  He spent half of his high school years in Belgium but eventually graduated from Mt. Juliet High School.  After high school, JP went to school in Chattanooga (UTC) and then went to Physical Therapy school in Memphis where he met his beautiful wife Erin.  After spending 5 years in Jackson, Mississippi, John and Erin moved back to Nashville and had their first child.  Obviously not content, John and Erin had another….and another….and then one more just for good measure.  John says that he and Erin now have 4 wonderful boys “full of love and lots of mischief – especially Cruz for those of you who know him!”

With 4 boys and a puppy, John doesn’t have much time for many other activities outside of running but, like a true NRC’er, he does enjoy a frosty beverage with good friends.  His plans for this year include running from Chattanooga to Nashville with 11 other NRC’ers in the Ragnar Relay as well as run at least one more half marathon and possibly a full marathon before the end of the year.  His immediate running goals are to go sub 20 in a 5k, 1:32 for a half and 3:30 for a full marathon.

When asked to tell us something that very few people know about him, he told us that he attended 8 different schools from K-12.  “Ahh, the life of a military brat,” says John.  I think that I can speak for the rest of the group when I say that I hope that your stay in Nolensville is a very long one!!


When the Nolensville Running Club was just getting started, Scott and Kelli Alexander (the brilliant minds behind NRC!!) printed small brochures to hand out at a local Nolensville 5k.  As Scott arrived at the 5k, he proceeded to get out of his car and walk in the direction of what he thought was the registration table.  Fortunately, a nice lady noticed that he was walking in the wrong direction (ok…forget the BRILLIANT mind part)  and kindly pointed him in the correct direction.  This “chance” encounter led to a discussion about our brand new running group and…well….the rest is history.  Amy has been a picture of consistency at NRC gatherings and she is this month’s female Member of the Month

Amy is originally from Ohio (and a Buckeyes and Steelers fan but NRC has still accepted her with open arms).  She is married to Eric Klotz and they have a great son (Zachary) who often shows up at our post-race gatherings.  Amy did not start running until a few years ago but has been hooked on the sport ever since.

When she is not running, Amy loves flower gardening, spending time with her family and friends (especially her NRC friends….ok…she didn’t really say that but the writer does have some editorial priviledges).  She also loves walking her dog, hanging out at the pool, and being a soccer/flag football mom.  Amy is quick to admit that she has a hard time sitting still!!

As for her running plans this year, she is currently training for her first full marathon which will take place on October 9th in Chicago.  She will not be alone as four other NRC’ers will be running the streets of Chicago with her.  How does she stay so calm about the thought of running 26.2 miles?  When asked, Amy responds “it’s only 1 mile, 26.2 times.”   Brilliant!!!!  Amy also plans on running from Chattanooga to Nashville with 11 of her NRC friends who are participating in the Ragnar Relay.  For someone whose longest race is a half-marathon, 2011 will definitely be a year to remember for Amy!!

When Amy was asked to tell us something about herself that very few people know, she hit us with one that will be hard to top.  Amy tells us that she was born on her dad’s 50th birthday!!  How is that for a birthday present 🙂

Thanks Amy for your support of NRC and we hope to be running with you for many years to come!

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