Running Plans for the Weekend of April 13th

With many NRC runners either racing this weekend or on the taper for Carmel, long runs are somewhat shorter but still in full swing!


6:30 am – From the Concord Y – Lisa Singer is running 11 miles pace at 9:00-9:15

7:00 am – From the Concord Y – Darryl is running 12 or 13 miles at a 8:30 pace

6:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. – From the new Mama’s Java location (behind Dollar General) – Shawn and Angie are starting at 6:30 but will cirlce back at 7:00 am to pick up Elizabeth and Ken who are running 10 miles at an 11ish pace


7:30 am – From the Concord Y – Joe Singer, Laurie, Andrea, and Lauren are running between 6-11 miles at a 9:00-9:15 pace

Run Happy NRC!

As a reminder!:  The Nolensville Running Club will be conducting a FREE Couch to 5k program beginning Monday, April 22nd.  This 8 week program will be designed to ease individuals who may have never run into the ability to complete the Change For A Chance 5k (3.1 miles) ( which will be held on Saturday, June 15th in Nolensville.