Weekend of December 22nd – Running Plans!

There is an opportunity this weekend for NRC runners to not only get some miles in but to do it for a great cause as well. Some are planning to run the 26.4.26 this Saturday in remembrance of those who died at the Sandy Hook elementary school. The event takes place at 8am and consists of a 6.5 mile loop, where participants can get in 6.5/13/19.5/26 miles. Runners are also encouraged to bring a minimum of $1 per completed mile, all of which will be donated to the families of the victims. The run location is LP Field with start time at 8am.  Donations can be made the morning of the run beginning at 6:30am. A course map can be found here: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/160736384

For those staying in Nolensville, this is what I know so far…

Scott Alexander and Erin Pryor will be running from Mama’s Java starting at 7am to run 8 miles, low 9’s for pace

Have a great weekend NRC!!



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