NRC = Nolensville Runs in Costume!

NRC this week means Nolensville Runs in Costume!!  That’s right, NRC will be running through the streets of Nolensville to celebrate Halloween!!!   All those in costume will have a chance to win prizes.  After the run we will head to Uncle Bud’s for our post run meal.

Beginning this week however, we will start our Wednesday evening runs at Nolensville Town Hall (across from Uncle Bud’s) rather than Martin’s Barb B Que.  We typically do this during the fall and winter months to stay warm during Scott’s announcements. 🙂 Meeting time is still 6:15 p.m.    

Just a reminder that we always want our runners to be safe!  Don’t forget your reflective gear, blinking lights and head lamps!!

Run Happy All!!

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