Saturday, June 9th

Welcome to the weekend NRC!!  Running plans for Saturday are as follows…

As always, we will be starting from Mama’s Java

6:00        Scott, myself, Mike and Megan Brazill will be running 12-13 miles at a 9:00 minute pace with plans to be back at Mama’s Java to meet up with the 6:30 group

6:30        Amy O and Lorena will be running 6-8 miles at 10:00 pace

7:00        Steve Kraft has plans for 6 miles at a 10:30 pace

7:30        Kathy Sorenson will be running 4 miles at a 10:00 pace

Whatever your running plans are for this weekend!! Enjoy!

Join us for breakfast after the run at Mama’s Java.

Happy Running!


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