Wednesday, May 23rd

Good Morning NRC!  I hope everyone is up and already anticipating a great group run tonight!  I have just a couple things to cover… Over the past week, it has been discussed that adding preplanned pace groups to our Wednesday night runs will help to organize things better and will give anyone new a heads up of where to go when they arrive. Each pace group will have a designated “pacer”. This individual will be holding a sign displaying their general pace so that when you arrive they are easily recognized.  We have 4 general paces which are 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 minute miles. Once each pace group has assembled, the individuals in that group can then decide on mileage and a more specific pace that everyone prefers to run. If you are interested in being a pace volunteer for a Wednesday night run, please let us know so that we can contact you in the future!

The pacers for tonight are as follows:

8:00 – Me (Amy Klotz)

9:00 – Amy Owsley of Team Owsley

10:00 – Mike Owsley of Team Owsley

11:00 – The dynamic duo of Kelli Alexander and Shawn Berkau

 A big “Thank You” goes out to each of our first time pace volunteers!

 For the post run eating venue, Kelly Dever has arranged the outside patio area of Martin’s Barbeque!

 Looking forward to seeing everyone!  Run Happy 🙂

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