Wednesday, April 25th

Another special NRC Wednesday is upon us!! This time, we will spend the evening spreading well wishes and encouragement to all those who will run in the Country Music Half or Full Marathons this weekend!!  Best of Luck to all of you!! May all of your hard work and training bring you much success!

We will meet at Martin’s at 6:15 pm for the run. Afterward we will go to Amico’s again for some serious carb loading for those racing this weekend!

Congratulations to all those who ran Carmel this past weekend. It was an unbelievable experience shared by all those who participated! Many goals accomplished… many victories realized.

For anyone who has not seen it, our own John Pryor put together a video from the race. He did a fantastic job and should be congratulated!! Thank you JP!! Below is the link to view… Enjoy!!

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