Saturday, March 17th!

Saturday running plans for this week are in!  Scott mapped out a new route that will include 3 possible mileage and start times for people to choose from.  One for 22 miles and two separate for those wanting 11 miles. 

Scott and I will be running the total 22 miles beginning at a 10:00 pace, increasing up to a 9:30. Starting at 6:00 a.m. from Crockett Park (the Concord Y), we will run the greenway toward Ravenwood HS. After passing Ravenwood, we will continue down Split Log for just over 4 miles. At Sunset, we will turn right and then take the first left onto Waller Rd. You will now be back in familiar territory of our regular Saturday run route! J  Turn right at Maxell which turns into Britain Ln. Turn right onto Nolensville Rd, ending at Mama’s Java. This will be our stopping point to pick up anyone who would like to run the same route back to our starting point to get 10/11 miles in. 

Anyone interested in running the entire 22 miles with us or the first 11 can meet us at Mama’s Java at 5:40 a.m.  We will car pool over to the start point.  Anyone interested in running the 2nd 10/11 miles can meet us at Mama’s Java between 7:30-7:45 a.m.

Scott will be planting fluids at a half-way point for people to fill up bottles.  It is going to be warm so please stay hydrated!

 I’ll mention a few people and their preferred pace so that others can plan for running partners accordingly….

As I mentioned, Scott and I will be start at a 10:00 pace increasing to a 9:30 for the full 22

Danielle is running the full 22 at a 10:00 pace

John Pryor (aka JP) will run the first half keeping pace with us

Steve and Travis will run the first 10/11 at a 10:00 pace

Tandy and Erin will join for the second 10/11 at the 9:30 pace

The speedy group, Megan and David are also planning to meet at the Crockett Y for 22 miles through the greenway starting at 6:00 a.m. averaging an 8:00ish pace!

Be well, run happy, have fun, stay positive and enjoy the miles! You haven’t failed until you give up 🙂

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