Saturday, February 4th

Saturday running plans are in!  As always, use your best judgment with the weather.  Check the NRC Facebook page in the morning in case people post news about changing plans.

From Mama’s Java…

6:00 a.m.              Megan will run 18 miles at an 8:30/9:00 minute pace

6:30 a.m.              Scott will begin his 17 mile run at a 10:00 pace

7:00 a.m.              Scott will be back at Mama’s Java to pick up others who want to join at a 10:00 minute pace                        

I will post any updates that I learn throughout the day! 

Best of Luck to Erin Pryor (and anyone else, of course) running in the Fangtastic 5K!  Busta’ Move!!

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