January 2012 NRC Member of the Month – Kelli Alexander

We are happy to report that the NRC Member of the Month is back!  Last year we got to know several fellow runners and we’re excited to continue this tradition in 2012.  Now, my NRC siblings, as with any good clan, you know you’re one of the family when you get put to work… so I consider it an honor that Scott has passed on the opportunity to highlight one of our own for the monthly column to me.  Each month, by the luck of the draw, we’ll all learn a little bit more about our fellow wandering, yet warmhearted, and of course, workout addicted running crew.  So here it goes…(and don’t forget to click on each link for some extra entertainment!!)

JANUARY NRC Member of the Month

I’m so psyched to kick things off and although it is already “technically” like the last day of January, I hope you will allow me to introduce you to the January NRC Member of the Month.  Okay, so you’ll never guess who I saw at Mama’s Java last Wednesday night.  No, not Michelle Obama or Chrissy Haslam… nope, I got to sit and talk with none other than the First Lady of NRCKelli Alexander!  With all the charm, poise, intelligence, and beauty worthy of this title, Kelli sat across from me in that buzzing coffee shop surrounded by the warm smells of
Paninis and peanut butter wraps, and opened up about her life pre-Nolensville, the joys of running and yes, even her bucket list!

Kelli was born and raised in southeast Nashville, a.k.a Brentioch.  Her and her two sisters, who have also stayed in the middle TN area, are still close and have run 3 half marathons together.  During her formative years at Apollo Junior High, Kelli met the love of her life, Scott Alexander (only she didn’t know it yet.  It would be another six years of signing each other’s yearbooks before the two would become an item!  So romantic, right?!)

After high school, Kelli became a Blue Raider and hit the books at Middle Tennessee State University.  She graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice, which explains her love of mysteries.  Kelli loves to read and when I asked her what types of books she read, Scott laughed and said she usually reads stories that involve people killing other people.  I’m sure she’s usually solved the crime way before the last page, too!

Kelli works as a paralegal, managing a total of seven states and calling the shots on over 200 cases at any given time at Caterpillar Financial.  Kelli is also an amazing mother to her sons, Ryne and Matthew.  Both have followed in their parent’s footsteps, taking their journey for higher learning to the MTSU campus.  (Don’t you know there are some great exchanges as they swap bragging rights with Scott on his other favorite team, the Black and Gold ‘Dores.)

As for running, it was only 5 years ago that Kelli tied up her Asics and started logging the miles.  Since then, Kelli has done two full marathons, both in the windy city of Chicago in 2008 and 2011, NRC’s Ragnar Relay team in 2011 and too many half marathons to count. She can
often be seen running with her equally stylish, partner-in-crime, Shawn Berkau (see August ‘10 Mem of the Month).  Her favorite race so far was the Women’s Half Marathon in St. Pete.  I mean, how can you beat running alongthe beach with that beautiful Bay shore view!

Kelli loves to travel and could probably be an official tour guide in Vegas!  In addition to her various trips to races and girl’s weekends away, she also takes a cruise with Scott every year.  Still, there are a few things still on her bucket list. While Kelli exudes a quiet, calm that immediately puts you at ease, she is also one of the quickest wits I know.  When asked about the limitless list of things she would like to do, she said, “Go on safari in Africa, take a tour of Italy, and NEVER do another marathon again!”  Hilarious!!!

Of course, she was one of the original 4 NRC members back on that fateful March 2010 run and continues to support NRC by welcoming new runners, stashing water on routes for our summer runs, helping keep track of all our T-shirt orders, and so much more.  She is currently training for the Mt. Carmel Half Marathon in April and will race “All Night Long” again with her Ragnar teammates in November.  Thanks Kelli for the great interview and good luck with your training!  I guess that’s a “wrap”… until next month!


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