September 2011 Members of the Month – Mike and Megan Brazill

Although I am not sure of the exact date, I remember that it was a very cold Saturday morning the day that I first met Mike and Megan Brazill.  John Pryor, Mike Niedzielski, and I were running on Nolensville Road when we saw a little white car pulling out of the parking lot beside Sonic.  All of us noticed that it looked like this young, attractive couple were wearing running clothes.  As it turned out, they went to Martin’s and didn’t see anyone and were actually going back home!!  Luckily, they rolled down their window and asked if we were with a local running club that they had heard about.  This “chance” meeting turned out to be a blessing as Mike and Megan have been a huge part of NRC’s success over the last year.  And yes, they are September’s Members of the Month!!

Mike and Megan have been married for just over a year and moved to Nolensville soon after they got married.  Megan describes herself as a “country farm girl UT graduate” and Mike as a “city-slicker Penn State alumni.”  Mike (born and raised next door to Dunder Mifflin in Scranton, PA)  met his “beautiful wife” and co-member of the month over five years ago in Knoxville while working out at their former gym.  Aside from hanging out with his NRC friends, Mike enjoys golf, weight training, playing tennis, hiking, and traveling.  Megan loves to ride horses, mountain bike, and…are you ready for this….eat fried foods!!!  Both of them enjoy spending time with their dogs Isabel and Ollie as well as partaking in a glass or two of wine from time to time!!

Although Mike has only been running for a little over a year (luckily for NRC Megan introduced him to the crazy sport), Mike has already run two half marathons and three 10k’s.    Megan, on the other hand, has been running for a long time and is one of NRC’s fastest runners.  If you don’t believe me, try joining her for a Wednesday night run!!  Mike and Megan plan on running the Louisville Half Marathon in October.  In November, they will be part of the NRC team participating in the Ragnar Relay.  Mike also admits that he will probably be “talked into running a couple of other races by Megan” before the end of the year.  For some reason, I think that is a pretty safe bet!!

When I asked Mike and Megan to tell us something that other NRC’ers aren’t aware of, Mike told me that he worked for Michelin Tire before joining his current employer, Johnson and Johnson.   So if you need some tire info, ask Mike!!  As for Megan, she has never, ever been able to burp.  Really???  Someone get that girl a few beers and let’s fix this problem immediately!!

Seriously, thanks Mike and Megan for all that you do for NRC.  We are blessed to have you as part of our group and we look forward to running many more miles with you!!

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