Saturday Morning (9/17) Running Plans

There is a lot going on this weekend with NRC!!  Eight of the guys are traveling to Louisville tomorrow morning to participate in a 30k (18.6 miles).  Amy Klotz will be doing her last long run before the Chicago Marathon on Sunday with the Nashville Striders.  And Shawn and Kelli will be up well before the sun rises on Saturday morning to run their last 20 mile run as well before Chicago.  With that being said, if anyone else wants to get in a long run, communicate via Facebook with others who may want to join.  I will meet the 7:30am group at Martin’s to hand out routes, etc. for those who want to run anywhere from 2 to 6 miles.

Thanks and I hope that everyone can get a run in this weekend.  For those traveling out of town, or running with other groups, GOOD LUCK this weekend!!

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