Saturday Morning (9/10) Running Plans!!

Looks like we are in for some great running weather tomorrow morning!!  Hopefully we will see many of you taking advantage of the cooler weather.  As always, we have several options for those wanting to log some miles.  Here ya go!!


Kelli and Shawn are meeting at 5am (yawn!!) for another Chicago Marathon training run.  They will be running 16 miles at an 11:15 – 11:30 pace.  You are welcome to join them for some or all of their morning run


There will be quite a few of us meeting at 6:20 for our run.  The plan is to run 7 miles and be back at Martin’s at 7:30.  I know that many in the group will then run an additional 5 miles.  The plan is to run all 12 miles at a 9:15 pace.  So if you want to join for the first 7, the last 5, or all 12 miles we would love to have you!!


For those who want to sleep in a little later (and who could really blame you!), the 7:30am group has a lot of options.  We have a two mile walking route (routes provided), as well as a three, four, and five mile route to choose from. 

8:30 – MAMA’S JAVA!!

Regardless of what your running plans are, we try to time our Saturday morning runs so that we are done by 8:30.  We then go to Mama’s Java for a delicious (and well deserved) breakfast!! 

Again, I hope to see many of you tomorrow morning.  If you have never joined us before, tomorrow would be a great time to check out NRC!!

Scott Alexander

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