Saturday Morning (September 3rd) Running Plans

I was hoping that the first Saturday in September would result in cooler temperatures.  Wrong!!  In looking at the weather for tomorrow, it appears that we are in for another hot day.  As a result, those who are training for a fall marathon will be starting well before the sun pops out tomorrow morning. 

5:15am – yep…you read it correctly!!  I know of at least 6-7 of us who will meet at Martin’s at 5:15.  Although several will be running 20 miles, a few others will be running anywhere from 12-14.  The pace range for this group will range anywhere from 9 minutes to 9:15ish per mile.  Feel free to join us bright and early (well…maybe not too bright at 5:15) for a long run followed by food and fun at Mama’s Java.

5:00am – Wanna get up a little earlier than the group above?  Then come and join Kelli.  She will be running 20 as well at an 11 minute pace.  If you want to join her for the first 13-14 miles, she would certainly welcome the company since her regular running partner (Shawn) is at the beach this week!! 

7:30am – for those who want to start a little later, come on out at 7:30 for a 3-6 mile run.  Routes will be provided.  The good news is that the groups mentioned above will return to Martin’s at 7:30 and will run their final 4-6 miles with anyone who wants to join!!

8:30am – One thing that never changes is going to our favorite eatery, Mama’s Java, for food, coffee, and tails from the road!!

Hope to see everyone tomorrow!!


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