Saturday Morning (August 6th) Running Plans

Hoping to have a great turnout this Saturday for our weekly 7:30am Saturday morning run.  This week I will not be there at the start of our run but there will be routes sitting beside the blue Fleet Feet cooler for those wanting to run routes ranging from 2 to 5 miles.  As always, here are some other options for those wanting a longer run:

5:15am – Kelli and Shawn will be meeting at Martin’s at 5:15 with a plan to run 12 miles.  They will be running an 11 minute pace. 

6:30am – Several runners (Scott, Megan, Mike) are meeting at 6:30 at Martin’s and will be running 12 miles.  They are actually going to meet up with Amy Klotz as she will be 6 miles into her 18 mile run!!  We are hoping to have a great run while providing support for Amy as she runs her longest marathon training run to date.  This group will be running a 9:15 pace (and guaranteed no faster!!) and welcomes others who want to come out and join!!

7:30am – As mentioned above, this is our regular starting time and encourage any and all to come out and run a few miles (or more) with other NRC’ers!!

8:30ish – Meet back at Martin’s and then head over to Mama’s Java for breakfast rolls and coffee!!!

Hope to see everyone tomorroe

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