Wednesday, June 28th

A couple of months ago, Pamela Hobson was nice enough to come and join the Nolensville Running Club for one of our Wednesday night runs.  Whether or not you remember Pamela, NRC has a chance to make a difference in an organization that she is involved with.  Pamela will be coaching a summer running group at Monroe Harding Children’s Home for at-risk youth.  She will be working with 12 teenage boys beginning next week to help them train for the Franklin Classic. The boys will need running shoes and their sizes range from 9 to 14.5. T…hey are hoping to get clean, gently-used, men’s running shoes. They do not need to be brand new. They are also seeking re-usable water bottle donations.

Pamela will be running with the boys every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and will incorporate the Striders XC races in August. The boys will then run either the 5K or 10k at the Franklin Classic. The boys’ race registration fees will be covered by The Nashville Striders Youth Program fund.

The Striders will have their Reach-Out Donation Box at the Firecracker 5k on Monday, July 4th for shoe and bottle donations. Donations can also be made directly to Monroe-Harding. If those options are not convenient for you, Pamela will be happy to make other arrangements. Please contact her directly at:

As runners, we can all appreciate how empowering the sport of running can be. Pamela was told last year by M-H staff, that the summer running program had a noticeably positive impact on the boys who participated. Thanks in advance for your support of this program.

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  1. JOHN

    I’m bringing 10 pair of size 14-15. Crazy that my closet has been cluttered with that many gigantic shoes. All have about 300 miles on them, but should suffice. One pair of racers that have about 8 races and 10 or so track workouts on them. Hope they come in handy for someone. I was saving for soles 4 souls so hopefully they will find their way there if not used by these local kids.


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